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Pre-arrangement and Pre-payment Scheme

We offer what we consider to be the best funeral pre-payment plans available, Perfect Choice, are one of the largest companies involved in pre-need, their plans are nationally available. Perfect Choice are a part of the NAFD, The National Association of Funeral Director, and D L Hancock Ltd Independent Funeral Services can offer a range of prepayment plans to suit all individual future needs.

Once you have paid for your plan, no matter how much funeral costs may rise in the future, neither you, nor anyone else will ever be asked to pay more. You have the option of flexible instalments, or a single one-off payment.

Perfect Choice is a well established prepaid funeral plan provider which is regulated by FPA (Funeral Planning Authority).

Your pre-paid funeral plan guarantees

A Perfect Choice pre-paid funeral plan gives you five valuable guarantees:

    1. Guaranteed acceptance: anyone aged 18 or over can take out a Perfect Choice funeral plan – there is no age limit, nor do you need to answer any medical questions or undergo any medical examinations.


    1. Guaranteed payment: we guarantee that your plan will pay for your agreed funeral

      director’s costs, no matter what happens to the economy. As long as you stay in the same area and your requirements don’t change, your family won’t be asked to pay a penny more for your funeral director’s costs regardless of how long you live or how much prices rise. Some of our plans also include a contribution towards third party costs which are outside of your funeral director’s control. Only if these costs increase more than the growth of the plan, would there be additional charges at the time of the funeral. Please see our terms and conditions for online set plans for full details.


    1. Guaranteed control: if you change your mind about any of the details of your plan, that’s not a problem. You can add to or alter your plan whenever you wish. Please note, there may be an additional cost if you add new features and services to your plan.


    1. Guaranteed quality: because Perfect Choice plans are only available from members of the National Association of Funeral Directors and regulated by the Funeral Planning Authority, you know that the funeral will be conducted to the highest professional standards.


    1. Exceptional financial security: every penny of the full value of a Perfect Choice plan (excluding the initial management fee) is held securely in a whole of life assurance policy and ring fenced to pay for your funeral when the time comes for total peace of mind. We could pay out on all of our plans at any given point in time.


For advice please dont hesitate to contact us.