D. L. Hancock Ltd is an independent, family-owned and run funeral directors, based in Oxford and Bicester.

The proprietor, Mr Darren Hancock, is proud to have established Oxford and Bicester’s oldest independent family owned funeral directors who are not a part of any co-operative or dignity group.

We are dedicated to carrying out a personalized service to meet the individual wishes of each family. Every detail is considered in planning the funeral for your loved one, so that we can celebrate the life of, and make the day a special day of remembrance.

Darren Hancock is the Funeral Director, assisted by Mr Simon Williams (Assistant Manager/Funeral Director), Mr Steve Burgess, (Funeral Director) Mrs Helen Connor, Ms Becky Bourne and Mr Daniel Riley, who are all experienced caring staff, providing a dedicated and professional service to our clients. Each member of our staff has been highly trained to deal with clients in an understanding and empathetic nature in times of great distress.

We take pride in our funeral homes, in Bicester the site was originally a home and still very much retains that feel and in doing so offers comfortable surroundings in which to discuss arrangements. Our Oxford Funeral home is situated in the middle of Headington in Oxford on the London Road and offers the same tranquil peaceful ambiance throughout. Alternatively, we are happy to visit you in the privacy of your own home, at any time.

What we do

Floral Tributes

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We can arrange Floral tributes on your behalf with our Florist or alternatively flowers may be sent to our premises where they will be cared for prior to the service.

Cremated Remains

Should you decide on cremation, the question of what to do with the ashes afterwards is one that you may wish to consider carefully. One option available is to have the ashes scattered at the crematorium in the Garden of Remembrance. You may like to scatter them at a favourite spot, or have them scattered at sea. Many people find comfort in having the ashes interred in the local Church or Cemetery, both of which have special areas set aside for this purpose.

There is no need to make a decision immediately; we will store the ashes for you in our ashes room for however long you need to make your decision at no charge.


At the time of making funeral arrangements it is not always easy to realise the great comfort in having a place that you and your family can visit and spend some time with their own private thoughts and place flowers. A memorial is a lasting tribute of remembrance to your loved one. Time may be needed before a decision is made.  There may also be some restrictions as to what type of material and shape a stone can be in a local churchyard, please call to ask if there are any restrictions in your area.

The Solicitor

Following a death, it is sometimes necessary to obtain a ‘Grant of Probate’ on the deceased’s estate. Probate is granted by the Probate Registry to the executor named where a will has been left by the deceased. In order to do this it may be advisable to contact a Solicitor who can relieve you of many worries and take control of the will, problems of intestacy, any debts, grants and letters of administration. 

We recommend Valued Estates who will act on your behalf to wind up the estate see Probate & Estate Administration or call 0800 228 9001

We believe the highest quality care is essential to give you the peace of mind you need with the knowledge that we will take care of your every wish.

We are also proud to be a Member of the National Association of Funeral Directors (NAFD) who have been established for over 100 years.

Registration of a Death

The first duty is to register the death as soon as possible, within 5 days. In most cases the next of kin will attend the Registrar’s Office. We can accompany you, if you wish, to the Registrar of Deaths. The Registrar will require the Certificate of Death together with the Birth and Marriage Certificates or Medical Card, if available, we or the Bereavement officer at the Hospital will make the appointment for you and if you don’t have transport then we will take you to your appointment.


The Registrar will provide a Certificate for the Funeral Director (to enable a funeral to proceed), a Social Security Certificate to be  handed in at the DWP offices with any pensions books etc.

We recommend that several copies of the Death Certificate be obtained from the Registrar, as these will be required for any pension claims, insurance policies, banks, building societies and Solicitor, if appointed. There is a small charge per certificate.

The Coroner

When a death occurs suddenly, whether natural or otherwise, the Coroner will be informed. The Coroner, usually a solicitor or doctor, is appointed to service a district within a county.

Twenty Four Hour Service

When a death occurs at home the family may wish their loved one to be removed to our Chapel of Rest. We offer a prompt and personal 24 hour service for this and if we are conducting the funeral then no out of hours charge will be applied.

The Funeral Arrangements

We provide assistance with all arrangements liaising with ministers and crematoria. We are happy to help compile death announcements for submission to local and national newspapers.

We are also able to print service sheets, upon request. (see our page on service sheets)

Funeral Charge and Fees

These are made up of two parts and a written estimate will be  provided when the funeral has been arranged, or shortly afterwards.

  • Part 1 – These charges are made to the Funeral Directors for providing professional services. They include the conveyance of the deceased to a Private Chapel, the necessary documentation, coffin or casket service charges, vehicles etc.
  • Part 2 – These are known as disbursements and consist of fees paid by Funeral Directors on behalf of the family to the ministers, cemetery, crematorium and doctor’s fees.

Social Security

You may be able to obtain help from the social fund to contribute towards the cost of the funeral. In most cases it is unlikely that the amount paid by the social fund will cover the total cost of the funeral, therefore we will need to look at other avenues in order to be able to help you.

Hearse and Limousines

The Funeral Director, either Mr Darren Hancock, Mr Simon Williams or Mr Steve Burgess always attend the service, giving support and guidance throughout. The hearse with chauffeur and bearers are also an essential part of our service to you. We can provide limousines for the funeral, each limousine can carry six mourners.

Chapel of Rest

View our Chapel Gallery – Here


Many families suggest having donations to the charity of their choice rather than having flowers. Our staff will gladly collect all donations and compile a list of all people who contributed if you so wish alternatively you may make a donation here on line.  In Loving Memory Page