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The cost of a funeral is one of the most important things for most families, not because they want the cheapest there is, but that they want the very best for their loved one; at the best value for money.  That is why it is very important to be able to offer a price selection for all families.

It is very important if you are obtaining quotations from different funeral directors that you are told of all the charges, and that there are no hidden ones: i.e. Embalming, Limousine Costs, Church Heating, etc etc.  Some funeral directors sound cheaper, because they have not told you all the charges, only when you have made the arrangements you find it more expensive; remember all funeral directors are different and so will be their prices.

Some larger companies will not always inform you of all the fees that may be involved, then, what looks like a cheaper funeral quotation, ends up being one of the most expensive.

Larger companies have greater overheads therefore it is likely to be reflected in their funeral costings somwhere, whereas, a small family firm who have the advantages of being able to carry out your exact, individual requirements, will undoubtedly be cheaper, would certainly want to look after you, and be able to take care of your family throughout the generations.

Again large funeral groups and corporations are probably only interested in the numbers of people through their doors, whereas we want your family to use and trust our family firm through the generations.

We are not just here for today, we are here for the future to help and support you and your family.

So make sure you are fully aware of all the costs before you enter any agreement with your funeral director.

Below are firstly our Basic Direct Services, followed by our more Advanced Bespoke Funeral costings.

These are just examples of costings from begining to more advanced,

we are very willing to tailor the funeral arrangements for you in order to keep within your financial resources.