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Why do I need probate?

When someone dies, it can be a distressing and emotional time. The responsibility of dealing with the associated legalities, tax issues and administration of a loved one’s estate is the last pressure you need. But if any assets are left behind, then the executor or entitled next-of-kin needs to make the arrangements to share them out correctly. And unless you’ve experienced probate before, you’ll probably be unsure of what this entails.

Let us take the weight off your shoulders

Valued Estates can help with a sympathetic ear and an objective, professional probate administration service. Probate can be complex involving family members, various government agencies and other official organisations. Because we have efficient systems already in place, we can usually

settle funeral bills immediately from your loved one’s estate, which can alleviate a real burden at a difficult time. And when we have completed the probate administration process, we can provide accurate, detailed estate accounts and make distributions correctly and fairly. As family members may have different views on how the assets should be shared, our independence can be a real help. And our thoroughness means that we can discover all the relevant assets so the beneficiaries can inherit what is rightfully theirs.

Valued Estates offer free, clear advice so you can make an informed decision about letting us handle probate on your behalf. Call 0800 228 9001 and speak directly to Jenny or Emma.